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“Crago’s is a rare travel memoir in which the worldly, sophisticated video game-producing author is never more than a couple of gin and tonics away from the wide-eyed teenager from Adelaide, obsessed with cars and hungering for new experiences. If you only read one paean to well-earned hangovers, 17 hour international flights and the kindness of taxi drivers this year, make it Flashbacks from the Flow Zone.” – Andrew P Street, TIME OUT

“A no holds barred chronicle through some of the most interesting cities during some of the wildest years of the video game business.”  – Henk Rogers, TETRIS COMPANY

“Wow, someone who travels more than me! Tom Crago’s travel account offers a funny, insightful and humbly perceptive view of the world as he sees it: through the windows of countless planes, trains and extremely fast automobiles!”  – Missy Higgins